The growth prospects of this industry have been tremendous since 2006. Irrespective of the challenges faced by the BPO industry, the main reason behind its success can be given to the availability of skilled and talented English speaking people all over the World. As a result, countries like India have turned into highly sought after destinations for business process outsourcing. India, being the top global outsourcing destination owes its success to the majority of young and well-educated individuals, along with its unique location and time-zone advantage.

Advantages of the BPO Industry 

If we look at the reasons for companies to outsource their business process, then we will find out that the reasons are pretty simple. It allows a significant reduction from the burden of work for the businesses and enables them to look after other core aspects of their business. Joining hands with a well established third-party company having significant experience in providing Outsourcing services, is a very convenient option. Some of the advantages of Outsourcing are :-

  1. Experienced Professionals – Appointing new employees and then training them for a particular role can be a massive task and hence, can involve a huge amount of money. But when a third – party with enough experience is hired then the troubles of hiring employees and training them gets reduced.

  1. Reduced Costs – One of the main reasons for companies to opt for outsourcing. By outsourcing your BPO services, you can save on costs while still getting high-quality services. Due to outsourcing, there has been a significant rise in a talented pool of employees available at a subsequently lower wage resulting in huge cost reductions.

  1. Focus on Core Business – Outsourcing can help you focus on your core business operations. When you outsource, you can concentrate on your core business operations and leave the rest to the service provider. This can help improve your efficiency and free up your time and resources to focus on more important tasks. Further it helps the businessmen to make much better and more informed decisions.

  1. Most effective customer feedback – Mostly all the BPO employees are in direct contact with the customers due to which first-hand feedback of the product and services is received by them. In turn this feedback  works in favor of the company to improve upon the services provided.

  1. Access to the latest technologies – Buying the latest softwares and technologies can be very expensive and risky especially for the small to medium-sized businesses for whom keeping a steady budget to buy these technologies can be unaffordable. As a result of which, these companies may find it difficult to stay updated. Outsourcing to BPO companies that are already equipped with such updated technologies can definitely be profitable for the global organizations.

  1. Excellent Opportunities of Employment – Today the BPO industry is one amongst the highest job providers in most countries. One of the major reasons why people, especially youngsters, choose this industry is the remuneration provided. Hence this industry has single-handedly changed the GDP of many small countries. 


Areas of Business served by the BPO Industry


Today the BPO industry is responsible for providing cost-effective services to a large number of businesses. Some of the wide range of business domain in which the BPO industry serve are as follows : 

  • IT – Web Administrator, Web Developer (Full-Stack), Web Designer (UI /UX), DevOps Engineer

  • Clerical & Admin – Virtual/Administrative Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Office Manager

  • Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, Content Writer, SEO Specialist, SEM Specialist

  • Accounting & Finance – Accountant/Book-keeper, Accounting Clerk, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Finance Assistant

  • Human Resources – HR Administrator, Staffing Coordinator, Recruiter, HR Assistant, Benefits Administrator

  • Sales & Marketing – Sales Lead Researcher, Sales Representative, Sales and Marketing Associate, Sales Assistant, Sales and Marketing Manager


What is the future of the BPO industry?


The tremendous growth of the BPO industry that has been visible to us speaks tons about its numerous advantages. The estimates also reveal that the growth of the BPO industry is likely to be seen in the years to follow as well.  This very industry is solely responsible for creating the second highest number of jobs in the world. Today, businesses are bound to significantly improve upon their offerings, while confirming that their backend tasks are being taken care of by professional BPO service providers. This trend is likely to keep moving forward in the future as well. 

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