The Ideal Way To Select An Outsourcing Vendor

In order to run a business successfully, one needs to keep a lot of things in check and selecting the right Outsourcing partner is one of them. Outsourcing services to business process outsourcing companies is something that both the large scale as well as the small-scale industries swear by. This is backed by statistical data which indicates that 66% of the U.S. companies with 50 or more employees outsource while 29% of the U.S. companies with fewer than 50 employees also outsource. This is because companies today are not just outsourcing to save money or get a competitive edge but also to function better as they are at the receiving end of a great talent pool. Hence, deciding whom to trust with the recruitment services is a key factor that needs to be taken care off.

Steps to follow while choosing a third-party outsourcing company:-

1.Examine your requirements –

First and the most important aspect of the vendor selection process is to carefully analyze the business requirements. Not just define the tasks you want to outsource but also keep in mind the desired benefits you wish to attain from doing so. Hence your selection process must always begin with a why. Your relationship with the recruiting company will only strengthen when there will be a thorough and in depth understanding of your primary purpose for outsourcing.

2. Research for the Vendor –

Once you have met the above-mentioned criteria, you can further move towards looking for the right service provider that will match with your requirements. Your vendor’s experience of delivering services must be on similar lines to the one you are looking for. Once you shortlist a few vendors according to your niche, you must carefully observe the nature of their expertise and also the skill sets they offer. Apart from all this, you must also try to find out how seriously they take their clients and the requirements that the client is looking for.

3. Always ask for references and quotations –

Now is the time when you request for a proposal or a quotation from the list of recruitment companies that are capable of meeting all the above-mentioned criteria. Ask for samples of work previously done by the vendor for quality check. Having said that, it is also possible that some clients would not want to share the actual deliverables abiding by the confidentiality agreements with their past or existing clients. You can ask for a prototype of the same which they must have prepared for marketing purposes. Consider previous client testimonials or speak with them directly in order to better understand the style of working, the quality of their service, customer support and timely deliveries of the recruiting company in question.

4. Final Vendor Selection –

Gather all the different proposals from shortlisted vendors and observe which business outsourcing service provider out of them all meets your requirements the most. The price quoted should be carefully weighed against the nature of service required. Among all the outsourcing companies that best meets all your business requirements and is in your budget should then be finalized. The recruiting company that’s selected by one must also ensure good communication as bad communication or the lack of it can surely make or break your outsourcing relationship.

5. Hiring Contract –

The last step of this process is to draft the contract. This is a step that needs to be handled carefully. The range of services your recruitment partner specializes in also determines your future relationship with them, as you wouldn’t have to search and employ some other outsourcing company in the future to meet your business’s growing requirements. In that case the strategy of contract negotiation should be handled in such a way that your requirements must be prioritized by your service provider to avoid any future complications. Afterall the services provided by the outsourcing company you hired needs to bear the value of the money you are about to invest in them. 

Follow these steps and you will be able to zero down on your ideal outsourcing partner. All the above-mentioned steps may not be applicable to all the outsourcing service providers, but Clerk-Tech is your one-stop-shop for all your offshore recruiting & outsourcing requirements.

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