Nowadays, companies are considering outsourcing their business processes more than ever, but they are also hesitant in doing so due to the security threats involved. The concern is legitimate but so are the solutions to avoid it all together. Listed below are some of the ways through which the security risk is completely avoidable. 

  1. A Strong Security Policy –  Every organization before opting for Outsourcing must check on their security policy. These policies should be rational and safe. They must state proper and clear guidelines. There must be a data classification policy that distinguishes between sensitive and common data. These policies should also be decided after taking consideration from all the stakeholders, employees and the managers of the respective organization, this way any organization can achieve an optimum level of protection for their company’s sensitive information and data.

  1. Selecting Right Outsourcing Partner – One of the most important steps following creating a strong security policy is choosing the right outsourcing partner for your organization. An organization must spend an adequate amount of time researching that ideal outsourcing vendor then only you will be able to get complete advantage of the bpo industry. You must choose the service provider exactly according to your business requirements. You must also make sure that the selected partner has an equally strong and strict security policy in order to keep your information safe and prevent it from any misuse. 

  1. A Good Communication Structure – Before moving forward, you must ensure and put forth your communication requirements and expectations. You surely don’t want to lose on a successful and profitable business because of miscommunication

  1. A Proper Intellectual Property Policy – Always check if your outsourcing partners have intellectual property protection laws or not. If they do then only move further and state your intellectual property policies clearly and make sure your vendors follow them strictly too. 

  1. Data Protection Practice – In order to prevent potential data abuse, the organization should employ database monitoring getaways and application layer firewalls. Your data is secured if you use these functionalities. This is certainly not the last step in ensuring complete data protection. You must ensure that your outsourcing partner engages in the same method to protect your data one hundred percent. 

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  1. A Regular Network Security Audit – In order to prevent any issues in the applications, database and devices on the network. An organization must perform network security audits. This will help in ensuring a safe and risk free outsourcing experience.

  1. Provide Least Privilege – When outsourcing your processes, you must ensure that you have a method in line to monitor all the data or information provided to the vendor. A good way is to share your records in parts rather than providing all the information at once.

  1. Leak-Proof Traffic – You must make sure that your outsourcing partner monitors all outbound links and internet traffic. They should also check emails for potential information leaks.

  1. Adequate Training on Data Handling – Make sure your vendors are providing adequate training in terms of data handling to their employees before assigning them into your project.  If this isn’t a regular practice for them then you must ensure that it’s taken care of on a priority basis. A proper training on how to handle the data is extremely important for data safety. 

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