Why Is Outsourcing To India Better Than Hiring Locally?

With the advent of Globalization, the Outsourcing model has extensively grown throughout the World, with several companies Offshoring their tasks to external service providers. Today Outsourcing is not only done with one motive of cost reduction, but also to avail quick and efficient services that add a certain amount of value to organizations.

Businesses that are Outsourcing to India are benefiting in more ways than one as they are able to reinvent their business strategies, achieve higher levels of scalability and are able to grow their operational efficiency. Acknowledging that the said model is a “strategic assist” experts are of the opinion that companies can use this to run their businesses efficiently without hiring inhouse employees. 

Outsourcing to India has helped small and medium sized companies to enter the Fortune 500 analog. Reportedly in the last decade Europe, UK, the USA, Australia and the Middle-East have successfully shifted a significant amount of business processes to outsourcing service providers in India. Likewise, many of the world’s leading companies like Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Dell, Ford, Oracle and CISCO have been outsourcing to India for years.

There are several tasks considered for offshoring which are repetitive, time consuming yet essential like data processing, data entry etc. Companies are outsourcing these tasks due to the inadequacy of skilled and technology driven in-house employees.

According to a recent Deloitte survey, 59% of businesses that were interviewed are already outsourcing to India.

India has proven to be the most mature market for business process outsourcing, having set numerous goals and records in the history of outsourcing.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India

1. Cost –  One of the main factors responsible for organizations to hire remote workers in India is cost. Cheap hiring of skilled labor, the dollar rupee exchange rate and low infrastructural investments as against setting up major operations in their native country, are some of the main reasons of making India so successful with business process outsourcing all over the World.

2. Skilled Labor –  With 150 million+ digitally skilled employees, India already has an edge over the global labor market owing to its English-speaking, skilled and young workforce. India is also the fourth largest and fastest growing digital startup ecosystem across the globe, engaging in developing different innovative solutions and collaborating with big technology companies to bring these solutions to the global market.

3. Flexibility of Hiring – Ensuring a sufficient staff base to cover the workload can often get challenging. What will one do when the employees are growing bored or feeling undervalued with no work when there is a slump or when there is work in abundance but there are too few team members left. Outsourcing to India in the above-mentioned scenario works best, as there is full flexibility in terms of maintaining the right number of workers at any stage in your business cycle. One can hire virtual employees in India as it allows for scaling the size of the team up or down as required.

4. Time Zone Benefits – Outsourcing your back office processes to India makes an organization work 24/7. It allows Indian outsourcing companies to offer the shortest time-to-market. As there’s a twelve hour long lag between the USA and India, companies get to finish tasks faster than they anticipate. This helps company owners to devote the saved time in other important aspects of their business.

5. Excellent Communication Skills – India being the second largest English-speaking nation in the world offers a larger group of people conversing and communicating in English, making it easier for overseas organizations to consider outsourcing here. If you hire employees from India who speak fluent English, you get access to a larger pool of people who are often better than a lot of professionals in North America. One can get their hands on different applications such as Slack, Skype etc. to communicate with teams working remotely.   Though outsourcing tends to get messy when it comes to handling the volume of work, cultural and language barriers, and the constant pressure of keeping the costs down, the situation has significantly changed. The Indian outsourcing industry has been able to address all the challenges, all the concerns are predicted well in advance and with adequate planning immediate actions are taken to resolve them efficiently in time. Hence outsourcing to India can be considered the best option for any organization that plans to expand itself.       

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