Outsourcing Recruitment - Access To An Exclusive Pool

For an organizational growth, or for simply getting better at what they do, developing, optimizing and having an effective talent pool is extremely crucial. This article will provide a glimpse at the basics of having talent pools and how that can benefit your business in terms of growth. 

What Is a Talent Pool?

A Talent Pool is a group of employees trained to take up the responsibility of helping the organization achieve its long-term goals. To put simply, a Talent Pool is a database of potential job candidates. They differ from talent pipelines, it consists of those candidates who are already qualified for particular positions.

Why Do You Need a Talent Pool?

One of the major issues afflicting the Global Job market is the scarcity of suitably qualified candidates hired to fill crucial company positions. Hence, attempting to hire for the required talent in order to fulfill organizational aim and objective can be a tough situation. Talent Pools are great for the organizations that are planning on growing quickly, but they are also suitable for the organizations that want to hire more strategically. When an organization hires an employee, they may only get access to a smaller and local talent pool as compared to the organizations which outsource their employees and get access to hire from around the globe. 

How are Talent Pools Related to Workforce Planning?

Talent Pools acquired by outsourcing are invaluable in terms of an extension of workforce planning. It allows you to recruit a collection of talents based on the present as well as the future needs of your organization. So, while pools may be the byproduct of workforce planning, it can help your organization prepare for and realize its workforce planning goals ahead of time. 

How Does Outsourcing Work? 

The very first and the most crucial step is to have a well-defined and thought out process, which also needs to be something simple and at a manageable scale. With time as the offshore team grows in proficiency then the businesses can think of bringing in more advanced and complicated roles. 

Companies that outsource aim at accomplishing productivity growth across their organizations, therefore in order to achieve this the company needs to partner with the right people and at the right time. If outsourcing is something on your radar, then Clerktech is the right place to be. 

How can you Overcome Outsourcing Challenges? 

Along with the huge savings on staffing cost, accessing the Global talent pool also allows more effectively and quickly because of the expanded market. 

It is more crucial to be able to manage and train an offshore employee than to hire them. Managing and training local employees is hard and it can get even more challenging when done remotely. A trusted recruitment partner like Clerktech can help you with this. But there’s always work to be done on both sides to ensure success. 

On our end, we make sure the employees jot down points or create a manual for themselves to ensure maximum knowledge, retention and learning. 

In the beginning, we suggest a 100 percent quality control on trained tasks which then can be ramped down as the employee becomes confident and proficient with the work. 

How to Manage Outsourced Talent?

Managing a remote team has its own set of challenges and now that your team is trained it’s the right time to discuss these challenges. In order to ensure an upto the mark performance and to fix performance issues you need to measure, analyze and then measure once again. For example you can have employee feedback surveys, key performance indicators, and some specific performance metrics in order to help measure employee performance and provide feedback after analyzing the results of the same.  

Top three metrics to start off with are productivity, utilization and quality. Productivity refers to the number of tasks performed within a given time frame, utilization means the amount of time spent on each task and quality measures the precision and accuracy of those tasks. These metrics provide great insight into the performances of remote staff. 

When to Outsource?

Outsourcing staff does prove to be an excellent way to reduce cost structure, fill the positions quickly and create productivity growth, but it’s certainly not a one-size fits all approach as the role needs to fit into your business. 

Some of the excellent roles to start with are Accounting, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, Administration, and Human Resources. Anything can be outsourced Virtually, from Accounting to System Engineers 

So how do you decide whether outsourcing is right for you or not? Outsourcing is used by a lot of major Countries in the world in order to be more cost-effective and efficient, but all of this only if it’s a good fit for your organization. 

Which Type of Outsourcing is Right For You?

If you need to have a constant look over your people and processes, need a proper visibility of metrics and a customized solution that is tailored according to your needs then select a vendor with a virtual captive model. And if you’re not concerned about the above mentioned points and prefer your outsourced team to be out of your sight, then a traditional outsourcing approach would be right for you.